The Centre of Excellence Standard

All Centres of Excellence must undergo an audit by the BWF to be accredited. They are assessed in the following areas:

•    Good or Excellent reports from Ofsted, Skills Funding Agency and Awarding Organisations (or devolved equivalents)
•    Providing impartial advice to employers about the course their apprentice(s) should undertake
•    Flexibility in the curriculum: giving the baseline training as required by the apprenticeship frameworks/standards, but allowing employers to choose optional and additional areas of learning 
•    Excellence in Health & Safety for their learners and their staff 
•    Continuous learning and improvement for the teaching staff to ensure they teach the most up-to-date skills and knowledge to learners
•    Continuous monitoring, evaluation and feedback of the quality of the teaching and the satisfaction levels of employers and apprentices. 

Each centre is visited by one of the BWF’s auditors and assessed in the above areas. Regular monitoring to uphold these standards. 

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