Health and Safety Hero Program

Health and Safety Hero Campaign LogoThe woodworking industry has one of the highest rates of accidents in manufacturing and this is not a statistic to be proud of. The aim of the BWF Health & Safety Hero campaign is to achieve zero tolerance in respect of fatal injuries, RIDDOR related incidents and occupational ill health incidents.

With fees for intervention changing the way that the HSE is interacting with the woodworking sector and fines/consultancy fees starting to hit companies, we need to respond and step-up as an industry.  This however is only part of the reason why we are working at on new Health & Safety services to extend the BWF’s commitment to help members improve their businesses.  

This time the focus is CULTURAL CHANGE. But how are we this change?

  • We are seeking the backing of the woodworking industry. That’s why we are asking all BWF members to pledge their commitment to make their health and safety systems and processes robust with a zero tolerance of accidents and health issues in the workplace.
  • We will encourage member to fostering cultural change in the workplace – no more “we have always done it this way”
  • Accepting that this sort of safety culture doesn’t happen overnight – the BWF will encourage everyone involved to embrace health and safety, buy into the process, and accept their legal and moral responsibilities.

How are we going accomplish this? By:

  • Providing training and education
  • Increased and promotion
  • Providing better guidance

Thereby reminding our members that:

  • the attitudes and decisions of senior management are critical in setting the priorities of their organisation
  • at senior management level, they need to know and must want to hear what is really happening in the workplace
  • they need to want their employees to work safely and comply with the rules, but also want them to show initiative and be proactive in improving health and safety
  • health and safety should not viewed as a separate function, but as an integral part of productivity, competitiveness and profitability


It couldn't be easier - just commit to change - Sign the Pledge and our dedicated H&S Hero Co-ordinator will be in touch to introduce the process - you will have support throughout via the helpline.  There are no additional fees for BWF Members signing up to the H&S Hero Campaign, this is about industry improvement. 


Managing Wood Dust - The Campaign objective in this area will seek to highlight a number of critical areas that require particular attention and will provide guidance as to how to effectively deal with these and the practical measures to be taken in controlling wood dust. A missing guard on a machine is obvious, but in the case of wood dust, this may not be immediately apparent to the harm being caused to an individual.

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) - BWF Health & Safety Hero Campaign - A briefing on the practical measures to be taken when buying, operating and maintaining LEV to efficiently control wood dust. It explores the key messages for ways to avoid expensive mistakes and control exposures effectively.

Safety Training on Woodworking Machinery - A briefing on the key issues surrounding safety training on woodworking machinery and highlights a number of critical areas that require particular attention. It provides practical guidance as to the necessary training required for the safe use of woodworking machines and how to use these safely and efficiently in simple and affordable ways.

Dealing with Noise - A briefing on the key issues surrounding noise in a woodworking workshop/factory. It explores the ways you can reduce the exposure of employees to noise in simple and affordable ways

Manual Handling - The Campaign objective in this area will seek to highlight a number of critical areas that require particular attention and will provide guidance as to how to effectively deal with these and the practical measures to be taken for manual handling best practice

Using Narrow Band Saws - A briefing on the key safety issues surrounding the use of narrow band saw. It explores the ways you can reduce the risk when using this commonly used woodworking machine and how to operate it safely.


Case Study: Kierson - Creating a safe working environment in a joinery factory

Case Study: Broadley Group - Development of a training plan

Case Study: Heron Joinery - Improvement projects taking place within new factory site

Case Study: Edmont - Workshop expansion project


See a list of existing heroes who have pledged to be H&S Heroes.

Sign the Pledge to become a BWF Health and Safety Hero - helping your business and our industry to be safer



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