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Why having a Factory Production Control System in Place is more than just a requirement for CE marking
15 April 2014 - BWF Technical Manager Kevin Underwood explains how your FPC system can address timber product issues such as distortion and swelling, and reduce the likelihood of a machinery breakdown at a critical time. Read more...Question of the Week*
What Advice Can I Give My Customers Concerning The Correct Care And Treatment Of Timber Doors On Site?
3 April 2014 - When supplying internal doors to a newly constructed building, it is advisable to instruct your customer in good practice that will ensure the good performance of the doors... Read more...Question of the Week*
With more frequent flooding, what can I do to protect my joinery business?
19 March 2014 - Recent flooding events experienced across the UK, particularly over the last decade have shown the devastating impact that flooding can have on property, businesses and individuals. While the summer is on its way, it is clear that joinery businesses need to be prepared for more frequent flood events. This includes reducing the risk to your workshop and equipment, getting the right insurance in place and knowing what to do if flooding occurs. Read more...Question of the Week*
How long does an employee have to work for before they can claim unfair dismissal?
3 March 2014 - Although employees must reach a set qualifying period before they can make a claim for unfair dismissal, there are a number of other factors that employers need to consider in order to be in the clear. Read more...Question of the Week*
What Do I Need To Agree With My Customer When They Are Asking For “Bespoke” Joinery?
22 January 2014 - When discussing a project with a potential customer it is important that each party understands clearly what has been requested and what is to be supplied. This is particularly important if the discussions are for bespoke joinery as even the term bespoke can have different meanings to different people. Read more...Question of the Week*
What Happens If Severe Weather Conditions Makes It Difficult For Staff To Get To Work?
6 January 2014 - Recent severe weather conditions in some areas have made it difficult for both employers and employees to get to the workshop. But under what circumstances are staff entitled to be paid? Read more...Question of the Week*
What Are The Acceptable Tolerances On A Door Leaf?
12 November 2013 - The main standard we refer to for the tolerances that can be applied to door leaves and doorsets is BS 4787: Part 1:1996. This standard is written specifically for metric sizes but... Read more...Question of the Week*
What Information Should I Provide When Supplying A Quotation?
12 November 2013 - Judging by the nature of the calls we get in from members on our helpline, there is plenty of scope for confusion from clients when it comes to laying out the terms and conditions of work. An accurate, written quotation is a must. Read more...Question of the Week*
How Should I Carry Out A Health Surveillance For Staff In The Workshop?
29 October 2013 - With carpenters and joiners four times more likely to get asthma compared to other UK workers, regular health surveillances are a necessary part of running a joinery workshop. Read more...Question of the Week*
Beating the scammers: your golden rules for contracting goods and services
16 October 2013 - We still get a number of calls on the member helpline from joinery businesses that have been tied up in unfavourable contracts for services which range from copier machines, water coolers and online directories to expensive, long term contracts for employment assistance and legal service. Read more...Question of the Week*
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