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What should I look out for when succession planning?
24 November 2014 - Succession planning is essential to ensure that your business continues to thrive when those leading it step aside. It will reduce disruption and will ensure that you have the right people, with the right skills, to take the business forward. Read more...Question of the Week*
What are the main areas I need to plan for if I consider passing the joinery business on?
7 November 2014 - It is never too early to work out your strategy for exiting your business. Recent surveys highlight poor succession planning in the UK and sellers who have not prepared get less for their businesses than those who do. Read more...Question of the Week*
My customer wants a third party certificated Fire Door. Who can help and what should I do about door blanks and vision panels?
28 October 2014 - More and more customers and building users are demanding to see third-party certificates for fire doors and installations such as fire-rated glazed screens. Read more...Question of the Week*
How can I make sure that my workshop machinery is maintained and safe to use?
28 October 2014 - With a new, illustrated version of our ‘Guide To Running a Joinery Business’ due out soon, we are serialising parts of guidance which members can access via the website and through the BWF’s Join In newsletter. Read more...Question of the Week*
What are the dos and donts of addressing or ending a problematic contract?
14 October 2014 - BWF members are reminded that when they enter into a contract for goods or services, they need to fully aware of what their legal position will be. It is crucial to know what you are signing up for, especially the length of the contract. Read more...Question of the Week*
What is the key to better employee engagement and better results?
19 September 2014 - Employee engagement is often spoken about by organisations of all sizes as an ultimate goal - but why? Do we really know what is at stake and how compelling it can be to work in a business where engagement is high? Read more...Question of the Week*
Where should I start with when drawing up a business continuity plan?
15 September 2014 - Four steps to putting together a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business Read more...Question of the Week*
What is a guarantee? A warranty? An IBG?
5 September 2014 - Guarantees, warrantees and insurance backed guarantees (IBGs) all offer the consumer additional protection. But how far do they go? And what are your obligations? Read more...Question of the Week*
How can I ensure a healthy cash flow in my business?
3 September 2014 - Making money and creating a positive cash flow in your business always beats being busy and getting orders at any price. You need cash to carry out your day to day operations and make the products that you have sold to your customers. Read more...Question of the Week*
Why does resin sometimes break through surface coatings and what can be done to treat it?
19 August 2014 - Resin pockets can occur around knots which have not fully inter-grown with the main bole of the tree or where the tree has been damaged. In practice the problem is most often associated with softwoods such as pine and Douglas fir, where it can cause a physical disruption of the coating over knots and other resinous areas. Read more...Question of the Week*
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