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What Are The Benefits Of Certification?
5 April 2011 - When the performance of a product has been determined through testing, assessment or calculation, this can be used to show potential clients that your products meet their specified criteria. However, a single test only shows the performance of the particular samples that were tested... Read more...Question of the Week*
What Are The Main Risks Of Injury In The Workshop From Manual Handling Activities?
29 March 2011 - The major accident rate for woodworking is more than 17% above the manufacturing industry average. Like most industries, handling and slips and trips account for most injuries... Read more...Question of the Week*
What Tests Can I Do To Demonstrate The Performance Of My Windows?
22 March 2011 - BS 644 specifies the requirements for the design, construction and performance of fully finished and glazed factory-assembled timber windows of various types... Read more...Question of the Week*
Does My Company Need A Disaster Recovery Plan?
1 March 2011 - All companies need to prepare a recovery plan to cover disasters such as theft, fraud, sabotage, fire, IT/utility failures, hostile attacks and extreme flooding. Although such events may seem unlikely, they are not inconceivable... Read more...Question of the Week*
How Will Fire Doors Be Affected By The CPR And The Introduction Of CE Marking For Fire Doorsets?
22 February 2011 - We can only provide an opinion on the current position of the relevant European Standards and the requirements for CE marking, as these standards are still being developed, although they are all nearing completion. Read more...Question of the Week*
Do I Need To Bring Someone In To Examine And Test My Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) System?
15 February 2011 - LEV is used within most joinery workshops to control a wide range of potentially harmful substances which may include wood dust, gases and vapours, fume and solids. The 2002 COSHH Regulations require that thorough examination and testing... Read more...Question of the Week*
What are the current recommendations for the rise and going of stairs?
8 February 2011 - The following tables provide the criteria for rise and going as given in the building regulations (approved documents K and M), BS 5395-1:2000 and BS 5395-1:2010. Read more...Question of the Week*
What Must I Pay A Laid-Off Employee?
1 February 2011 - After the recent economic downturn, employers in the woodworking and joinery industry may still be finding they do not have enough work for their employees, but would prefer to lay-off staff rather than start a compulsory redundancy programme... Read more...Question of the Week*
Are my employees entitled to paid time off for the Royal Wedding Bank holiday?
18 January 2011 - Any right to time off or extra pay for working on a bank holiday depends on an individual's contract of employment. If not specified within their contract, then an employee won't have an automatic right to paid leave on bank and public holidays. The same rule applies to the public bank holiday to be held on 29th April 2011... Read more...Question of the Week*
Is Registration Under An Approved Installer Scheme Required To Install Fire Doors?
4 January 2011 - Our technical team has investigated the guidance documents for the Building Regulations, the British Standard Code of practice for fire door assemblies, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and the BWF- CERTIFIRE Scheme, and have found that... Read more...Question of the Week*
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