The Government have published the Construction Sector Deal

11 July 2018
The Government have published the Construction Sector Deal. This deal is part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy and sets out a partnership between government and industry that aims to transform the sector’s productivity through innovative technologies and a more highly skilled workforce. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) have identified and committed to addressing many of the key challenges and opportunities facing the UK Construction sector.
The Sector Deal sets out three strategic priorities:
  • Digital techniques deployed at all phases of design will deliver better, more certain results during the construction and operation of buildings. Clients, design teams, construction teams and the supply chain working in unison will improve safety, quality and productivity during construction, optimise performance during the life of the building and better our ability to upgrade and ultimately dismantle and recycle buildings.
  • Offsite manufacturing techniques are encouraged to reduce wastage, inefficiencies and delays that affect onsite construction.
  • Whole life asset performance will shift focus from the costs of construction to the buildings life cycle costing, particularly its use of energy. The government is promising that it will “ensure that our modern Industrial Strategy and our significant investments in housing and infrastructure support this change and innovation”.
Those of you who attended BWF Members Day will recall this was trailed in the presentation by BEIS Director Fergus Harredance.  All three provide significant potential opportunities for the timber supply chain and we will be working directly with the team at BEIS and colleagues in Build UK, CITB, CTI and CPA to ensure that our sector gains full advantage from the opportunities created.  

You can see a copy of the Construction Sector Deal here

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