Ministers support reformed CITB as BWF quizzes members on Levy

14 July 2017

The Government has confirmed that they support CITB, subject to its current reform programme being implemented.

Three Government Ministers have written to CITB Chairman James Wates CBE to inform him that they support CITB, subject to its current reform programme being implemented. Skills Minister Anne Milton, Housing Minister Alok Sharma, and Industrial Strategy Minister Lord Prior announced that they are supporting the retention of CITB.

The letter acknowledges the work which CITB has already done to reform and its focus on areas where there is clear market failure, or where a collective approach to training can deliver benefits to employers of all sizes. The Ministers confirm support for the direction of reform, and recommend continued engagement between industry and Government and encourage “closer dialogue between the Construction Leadership Council and the CITB.”

CITB is currently undertaking its 2017 consensus process where it must demonstrate that it has the support of industry to continue to collect the CITB Levy.

CITB has announced plans to reduce its levy to 0.35% on PAYE employees from 2018 alongside revisions to the consensus process. In the wake of major government changes to the way training will be funded, the levy has been reduced from 0.5% to 0.35% on PAYE employees in 2018, with payments on the NET CIS workforce remaining at 1.25%.

CITB has produced a range of material to highlight the proposed changes to employers, including:

- a two minute video which explains the proposed changes

- a list of Frequently Asked Questions

- a series of case studies highlighting how the levy has been used to support industry

As a consensus federation, BWF is consulting with members to understand their views on the retention of the Levy and the future of CITB. All BWF Levy-paying employers have the opportunity to respond to the survey and can do so by logging in below.

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