Grenfell Inquiry: New consultations open and more information on fire doors in the building available

29 June 2018
The Grenfell Inquiry continues full stream ahead.  We'll keep you posted via the BWF newsletter and website.  The most interesting focument from the perspective of Fire Doors is Dr Barbara Lane's expert report and most notably Annex B on Fire Doors.    
It is important to remember that the Hackitt Review is not the end, it is the start and we now need to work with Government to ensure that the recommendations in the review are absorbed by the regulators and the market to deliver the necessary change.  In the past week, BWF has met with The Department of Business Energy and the Industrial Strategy and the Minstry of Housing, Communities and Local Government as well as Labour's Shadow Housing Team to review 
The BWF would like to highlight that there are two consultations currently running that may be of interest for members to respond to:
1) Dame Judith Hackitt – Review of the Building Regulations and Fire Safety.
MHCLG are seeking comments regarding the content of the final report and response in particular to the recommendations found in Chapter 7 regarding Products.
The full report is found here:  Chapter 7 recommendations (7.1 – 7.6) are found on pages 90 – 100.
Please send any comments to by Friday 13th of July.

2) Banning the use of combustible materials in the external walls of high-rise residential buildings.
The detail of the consultation is found here.  The BWF is working closely with the Construction Products Association and Confederation of Timber Industries to ensure that this does not negatively impact on timber in wider applications.  In order to first identify the issues around this topic from a practical position. The detailed application of such a ban is in need of a review. The CPA position (supported by the BWF) is that adherence to the current regulation B4 already set the position for the topic. What we do seek is to create a situation where buildings are safe and people feel safe, as quickly as possible.  Peter Caplehorn, CPA Deputy Chief Executive and Policy Director, was invited by the House of Commons Select Committee for Housing, Communities and Local Government to provide oral evidence this week  The evidence session can be viewed here. For further information contact
Please email by the 30th of July with any comments so that we can include your views in our response.  

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