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Wood Window Alliance examines the Downton Effect
15 December 2017 - Emerging trends suggest that homeowners are looking to the past for property, preferring period styles to contemporary builds. Read more...Latest News
CSCS withdraws CRO card
14 December 2017 - The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has withdrawn the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card Read more...Latest News
New woodworking Health & Safety Group kicks off with a focus on occupation health
17 November 2017 - The first BWF Health and Safety Group meeting took place on 31st October with the purpose of the discussing the health & safety issues joinery companies experience and to develop the support that the BWF can offer. Read more...Latest News
Autumn Budget: CTI urges Government to invest more in Infrastructure, Housing and Education
16 November 2017 - In its pre-Budget letter to the Chancellor Philip Hammond, the Confederation of Timber Industries outlines a set of measures that can contribute unlocking the potentialities of the Timber Sector and help the UK move towards a dynamic and low carbon economy. Read more...Latest News
First UK business fined for breaching EU Timber Regulation
3 November 2017 - Designer furniture retailer Lombok has become the first UK business to be fined for breaching the EU Timber Regulation. Read more...Latest News
Industry welcomes CITB vote result as a trigger for changes
18 October 2017 - Leaders of the UK’s major construction trade bodies have said that confirmation that the CITB levy will continue must act as the green light for reforms demanded by industry. Read more...Latest News
BWF responds to Independent Review of Building Regs and Fire Safety
18 October 2017 - BWF has responded to the independent review of the Building Regulations, led by Dame Judith Hackitt, which is examining the regulatory system around the design, construction and on-going management of buildings in relation to fire safety. Read more...Latest News
Construction Industry Reliant on Infrastructure and Housebuilding to Avoid Declines in 2018
18 October 2017 - For most construction firms it will be difficult to escape the impact subdued economic growth, rising inflation and falling real wages will have on the industry over the next two years. Read more...Latest News
Company fined after apprentice severs fingers on circular saw
18 October 2017 - The apprentice suffered injuries including a laceration to this thumb while two of his fingers were completely severed. Read more...Latest News
Last chance to respond to Independent Review of Building Regs and Fire Safety
5 October 2017 - BWF is making a final call for evidence for its response to the independent review of the Building Regulations, led by Dame Judith Hackitt. Read more...Latest News
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