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BWF Joinery State of Trade Survey Q4 2015 - we need your responses by Wednesday 20th January
12 January 2016 - Q3 results gave us vital information, indicating a rise in joinery activity and continuing investment in products and equipment. Read more...Latest News
Government makes another bid to tackle housing crisis by asking housebuilders for the answers
17 December 2015 - The latest review hopes to uncover the issues that have the biggest effect on housebuilders and seek the views of smaller firms to understand the unique pressures they face. Read more...Latest News
BWF heralds a steady and successful year for the joinery it sets ambitions even higher for 2016
17 December 2015 - This year has been one of steady growth and a maturing market in the joinery and woodworking industry, says Iain McIlwee, chief executive of the BWF. Read more...Latest News
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