BWF Awards 2016 Shortlist Case study: Imogen Davies (Law and Lewis Joinery)

29 September 2016

Award Category: BWF Apprentice of the Year sponsored by CITB. This award recognises apprentices that have really stood out during their time with a joinery company. They may have achieved some fantastic feats in their work, or shown extraordinary commitment that really adds value to a company's workforce or the production. Entries were open to any apprentice (that is undertaking external training/qualifications, or has done recently) that is employed within a joinery company, and recognise outstanding achievement, commitment, adding value to the apprentice's company, and personal development.

Name of Apprentice: Imogen Davies

BWF Member Firm: Law and Lewis Joinery of Cambridge Ltd

Type of work/product(s) produced: Internal and External Bespoke Joinery

Imogen Davies of Law and Lewis of Cambridge was awarded Apprentice of the Year at the 2016 BWF Awards. Within just six months, Imogen had demonstrated exceptional skill as an apprentice joiner, quickly graduating to tasks that require a great deal of skill and attention to detail. Projects included the manufacturing of a bespoke bathroom cabinet.

Mark Law, Managing Director of Law and Lewis says: Enthusiastic and proactive, Imogen (pictured right) has shown exceptional skill as an apprentice joiner from the day she arrived, only six months ago. In that time, she has graduated to tasks that require a great deal of skill and attention to detail. A recent example would be curved conservation sliding sashes and French doors with curved slimlite double glazing. These projects challenge some of our most skilful joiners, but we have total confidence in her understanding of the design and materials and that she will reach out to colleagues for guidance.  

She works with minimal supervision, just a watchful eye from our experienced craftsmen who have extremely high praise for both her talent and conscientious approach to her projects. 

Imogen lives our core values through her great attitude in both her desire to learn from her peers as well as her willingness to help her colleagues. Further to her role, she is also brimming with ideas around process and the smooth running of the workshop and the business as a whole. She provides a valuable communication channel for the office staff as she proactively considers health and safety and stock levels. 

Imogen is showing outstanding personal growth and professional employability by being both a dedicated apprentice and valued member of the team. As such, we had no hesitation in nominating her for this award. 

Mike Worth, Course Tutor says: Imogen has exemplary attendance and punctuality. She can be relied upon to be in college before the start of any session and is always punctual when returning from breaks.  

Her standard of work is first class and she is also happy to support and help others that she is working with. In fact, she is already working at a level 3 standard, which is quite an achievement given that she only started the first year of her level 2 apprenticeship this current year.  

Imogen can be relied upon to complete tasks that she is set outside of formal sessions. This includes finishing all her theory studies from materials provided on the college VLE and then being able to come to college and pass all her exams first time. It is very clear that she has a very strong commitment to the work that she is doing. This was amply demonstrated as she first commenced her studies by personally funding the course until she was offered an apprenticeship.  

During her time at college she has shown leadership in joint practical projects and the ability to analyse a process and then make and implement suggestions to improve the efficiency of the task.  

In terms of personal development and the speed at which she is capable of learning and developing her skills, as previously mentioned, she is already working at a level 3 standard. 

In closing I have absolutely no hesitation in supporting Imogen for this award as she has shown exemplary commitment to developing professional knowledge and skills.  

Imogen Davies says: I am so honoured to be nominated for this award by Law and Lewis, who have shown faith in my abilities and pushed me to do more challenging projects as I have advanced through my apprenticeship.  

Just being shortlisted for this award would be a real boost to my confidence and would motivate me for the next level of my apprenticeship as well as planning my future career and dreaming a little bigger than I had ever thought before.  

My college tutor, Mike Worth, has helped me enormously whilst completing my level 2 Diploma and I would like to be a credit to him and his guidance.  

If I were to win this award, it would make my mum so proud and I would like to be an inspiration to the other talented apprentices we have here now and in the future.

The Apprentice of the Year Award celebrates the success of the rising stars of the joinery industry. The award is kindly sponsored by CITB

Here you can view the full shortlists for the 2016 awards


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