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Should I stay or should I go... This indecision's bugging me!!
14 June 2016 - The pantomime of the referendum has been rather depressing - degenerating to headline grabbing, jockeying and self-promotion. Last night I attended my third European Referendum debate and this one was a refreshing change Read more...BWF Blog
A message to all members from the BWF President
10 May 2016 - Due to a change in employment and the unfortunate passing of Gordon Nelson, we now have vacancies on our Council and we would like you to consider volunteering, giving your input to help change the world of joinery for the better. Read more...BWF Blog
It’s election time (again) and BWF takes the ‘Red Tape Challenge’
3 May 2016 - With the EU referendum less than a couple of months away, you will have no doubt heard plenty in the media about ‘Brexit’, ‘Bremain’, ‘Project Fear’, and the subsequent squabbling between government ministers on either side of the referendum campaigns. Read more...BWF Blog
Cutting Red Tape – A Beggar’s muddle
22 April 2016 - The responsibility for implementation and notably enforcement often falls within the remit of national and local authorities and it is here that it is frequently turned into a beggar’s muddle Read more...BWF Blog
What an opportunity to, once and for all, deal with the procurement issues in the construction and building industry
20 April 2016 - We now have the technical tools to help deliver the products in a way that will be efficient and, if adopted by manufacturers and distributors, reduce construction costs together with improved completion times and, most importantly, destroy the disease of confrontation and adversarial approach to contract negotiation. Read more...BWF Blog
BWF Budget Summary: The Good The Bad and The Other
16 March 2016 - Ultimately despite the headline that this is a Budget targeted at the next generation, it has a strong emphasis on competitiveness and delivers a boost to the small and medium sized woodworking business and business owners. Whilst generally business friendly, as with any Budget, the headlines and the reality do not quite line up and there is a little bit of short termism. Read more...BWF Blog
Don't bungee jump without a rope!
9 February 2016 - A key theme of the BWF in 2016 is Risk. This is not to be negative, indeed, as Adam Smith (somewhat labourously points out), risk is a fundamental requirement of business. Read more...BWF Blog
Imprisonment and huge fines on the table for joinery workers and businesses flouting Health & Safety law
13 January 2016 - New sentencing guidelines and HSE’s continuing clampdown on occupational ill health could make 2016 extremely expensive for complacent joinery businesses. BWF Policy & Communications Executive Matt Mahony explains. Read more...BWF Blog
Why wood windows are enjoying a resurgence against PVC-u and how sustainable forestry is helping
12 January 2016 - BWF Chief Executive Iain McIlwee spoke to the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) on why wood windows are enjoying a resurgence against PVC-u and what the Wood Window Alliance has been doing for the future of the sector Read more...BWF Blog
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