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BWF Budget Summary: The Good The Bad and The Other
16 March 2016 - Ultimately despite the headline that this is a Budget targeted at the next generation, it has a strong emphasis on competitiveness and delivers a boost to the small and medium sized woodworking business and business owners. Whilst generally business friendly, as with any Budget, the headlines and the reality do not quite line up and there is a little bit of short termism. Read more...BWF Blog
Don't bungee jump without a rope!
9 February 2016 - A key theme of the BWF in 2016 is Risk. This is not to be negative, indeed, as Adam Smith (somewhat labourously points out), risk is a fundamental requirement of business. Read more...BWF Blog
Imprisonment and huge fines on the table for joinery workers and businesses flouting Health & Safety law
13 January 2016 - New sentencing guidelines and HSE’s continuing clampdown on occupational ill health could make 2016 extremely expensive for complacent joinery businesses. BWF Policy & Communications Executive Matt Mahony explains. Read more...BWF Blog
Why wood windows are enjoying a resurgence against PVC-u and how sustainable forestry is helping
12 January 2016 - BWF Chief Executive Iain McIlwee spoke to the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) on why wood windows are enjoying a resurgence against PVC-u and what the Wood Window Alliance has been doing for the future of the sector Read more...BWF Blog
Old fashioned, my eyeball…come the evolution
11 December 2015 - Shhh it is a secret, but I don't skip to the office every morning. Actually, joking apart, I tend to run, but somehow, as I jog through the streets of Hemel and London, I do seem to propel myself a bit quicker on the home leg. I suspect this is true in sentiment of most people - it is almost impossible to enjoy all aspects of work, at the end of the day it is "work". Then again I am perhaps one of the lucky ones because some days (indeed most days), I step back and realise what a great privilege it is to be CEO of the BWF, to operate at the heart of this fabulous industry and some days I am absolutely blown away and take great pride in this fabulous, fast moving and modern industry. Read more...BWF Blog
When the President met Bill Esterson MP, Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills
9 December 2015 - BWF President David Pattenden and CEO Iain McIlwee met up with Bill Esterson, Labour Shadow Minister for Business Innovation and Skills following an initial dialogue at the Construction Products Regulation Parliamentary Reception, in Westminster to introduce the woodworking and talk skills and carbon and economic growth. Read more...BWF Blog
The Autumn Statement 2015: Building homes and starting a revolution
28 November 2015 - We have both a housing and skills crisis in the UK – it is impossible to miss, it impacts on us all and is felt by most of us in our day-to-day lives Read more...BWF Blog
Five Things Every Woodworking Business Should do in 2016
1 January 2016 - In the spirit of every New Year detox programme that promises you a future that is fitter, leaner, wealthier and happier, the BWF is proposing five resolutions that I hope every joinery business will keep this year. Read more...BWF Blog
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