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Health and Safety update: New rules and HSE clampdown set to tighten the net around handling of wood dust
9 August 2017 - There are an estimated 13,000 deaths each year primarily linked to dust and chemical exposures at work and 14,000 estimated new cases of breathing or lung problems annually Read more...BWF Blog
Find something wood and sit on it
14 July 2017 - I think this has been a pivotal week for the British Woodworking Federation and our membership. It started on Monday morning at around 4:00am when our Technical and Schemes Manager Hannah Mansell was picked up by a BBC car to talk Fire Doors, Passive Fire Protection and The Responsible Person on Radio 5’s Wake up to Money. Read more...BWF Blog
Digital life cycle assessments are becoming a driving force in construction
12 June 2017 - With sustainability a key concern for customers and Brexit on its way, manufacturers need to be transparent about the environmental performance of their products and be able to meet EU standards Read more...BWF Blog
Thinking of joinery software as one of your machines
31 May 2017 - Our latest guest blog from Alan Turner, Managing Director of Joinerysoft. Joinerysoft are Headline Sponsors of BWF Members’ Day 2017 and associate members of BWF. Read more...BWF Blog
Software that can help your joinery business
17 May 2017 - Guest blog from Alan Turner, Managing Director of Joinerysoft. Joinerysoft are Headline Sponsors of BWF Members’ Day 2017 and associate members of BWF. Read more...BWF Blog
How to solve a knotty problem like softwood window beads and bars
17 May 2017 - Soft-wood window beads and bars can present issues for joiners. They can be the cause of excessive material waste and time, with post-installation maintenance also a regular problem. Guest blog from Tim Hayes at Qwood/Quantum Profile Solutions Ltd Read more...BWF Blog
Looking at the EU Timber Regulation in the shadow of Brexit
24 April 2017 - With Article 50 now activated and the government seeking an electoral mandate to empower its position in Brexit negotiations, the fate of the regulation in Britain is up in the air despite broad sector support. Read more...BWF Blog
Guest blog from Dougal Driver, CEO, Grown in Britain
18 April 2017 - Unlike the dubious sentiments behind comedian Frankie Howerd’s catch-phrase, we’re very positive in wishing BWF members the ‘Best of British’ with your Made in Britain campaign Read more...BWF Blog
Timber Industry makes moves to measure health & safety to reduce accidents and ill health
4 April 2017 - At a meeting of the Wood Safety Group (WSG) on 16th March, the timber industry agreed to begin measuring our health & safety performance in a bid to reduce accidents and ill health. Read more...BWF Blog
Brexit: An upstream view from the timber supply chain
3 April 2017 - The triggering of Article 50 this week has started the long process of negotiation and withdrawal from the EU which could have major implications for the timber industry. It was good to see, therefore, that the formal letter dispatched by hand to President Tusk was far more conciliatory and constructive in tone than much of the triumphalist rhetoric which has been circulating in recent weeks and months. Read more...BWF Blog
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