What Our Members Say About Us


Why We Joined

"It is a must to join. To be external to the BWF means that you are not in the same league as some of the bigger, more recognised players"


What our members said

"We've easily had our moneys worth - the support and advice we have had."

"I think its a great membership to be part of"

"Any joiner has a set of tools. One of the tools that you should have, is the BWF"


BWF benefits to the industry

"It brings a voice - and it's a strengthening voice"

"By combing the weight of all the members into one organisation, we carry a lot more clowt"


BWF benefits to your business

"We are ahead of the game, we know whats going on in the industry"

"Its been a great help to us over a number of years"

"BWF give us credibility"


Range of Support

"We have contacted the legal team regarding a slow payer, and had good advice"

"We've used all the employment law"..."a dismissal"..."a retirement"... "a lot to do the building regulations"

"There is always a worry about what you don't know and we felt that coming to an industry organisation, we can ask questions like that and find how deal with them"




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