Grown in Britain

21 August 2013

Grown in Britain brings together everyone who values our forests, woods and trees and the products we can make from the wood they produce. It is an incredibly positive movement that is bringing together:

- The environmentalists and woodland owners who contributed to the policy shaping work of the Independent Forestry Panel
- The contractors, builders and retailers who want to buy, use and sell more British timber and wood based products.
- Woodland managers, public and private agencies who want to see many more of our woods managed to produce sustainable and legal sources of wood.

The aims are:
- To create a new and stronger market pull for the array of products derived from our woodlands and forests.
- To develop private sector funding that supports the planting and management of woodland and forests through funding from corporates as part of their corporate social responsibility
- To connect together and harness the positive energy and feelings towards our woodlands and forests that many in our society share to create a strong wood culture. A wood culture that captures personal health and fitness, well-being, community and encourages the use of more wood and forest product.

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