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Published in Summer 2017, this document summarises the BWF's current aims and what it has been doing for the industry. With the Brexit process having begun, it has never been more important to raise the profile of the woodworking sector and highlight how our industry supports the economy and vitally how we help to deliver maximum results with minimum environmental impact. Key battle grounds include jobs, skills and housing.

The BWF manifesto can be downloaded here and is supported by an additional document - 'BWF: Getting your voice heard' - which explains the benefits to BWF members' business of supporting the campaigns at a local level and how you can use the manifesto as a tool to engage with your local MP. You can find this and other campaigning resources for members in our Campaigns Toolkit Publications.


BWF is an active voice on behalf of the Woodworking Sector in the UK. Both directly and through our membership of the Construction Products Association (CPA), Build UK, the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), and the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI), BWF lobbies government and key stakeholders in the UK and EU, channelling the views of members. Here we can give joinery manufacturers a seat at the top table when debating wider construction or material sector concerns. It is through working together that our industry can deliver a stronger voice on issues such as late payment, pre-qualification questionnaires and Health and Safety.

The woodworking sector

The woodworking sector is a fundamental part of UK manufacturing. It represents an estimated £3.8 billion spread across 5,070 firms in the UK and employing 60,000 people. These companies span the full range, from family businesses, to large corporations. They operate throughout the UK and provide genuine employment opportunities in parts of the country that are often areas of high unemployment.

As well as having a strong tradition and history, our membership is capable of delivering products and processes which are constantly innovating to meet ever intensifying cost pressures and environmental, durability and fire safety requirements. We are also delighted to say that our membership yields the most concentrated population of apprenticeships in the UK Construction Sector.

To protect and harness the skills of the industry, it is crucial that the potential for the woodworking to drive growth and employment, not just on site, but also in the supply chain, is fully accounted for by policymakers.

As the leading authority for the joinery industry, BWF represents its members' views to Government, the construction industry, the wider public, and increasingly, to the international community.

The essence of our campaigning

As your trade association, it’s our job to make your voice heard - ensuring that the joinery industry is effectively represented to policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure we get the best deal for you and your business. We campaign on behalf of our members on a wide range of issues, addressing the following policy areas:

Meeting the challenges the industry faces requires a firm strategic commitment from the supply chain. In working with other industry bodies to achieve this, BWF is able to develop consistent messages that will ensure our voice is amplified and our reach extended.

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